Nail Services



All include nail shaping and cuticle work!

Treat Your Hands

Our signature manicure with your choice of regular nail lacquer

  • Manicure Only $30
  • Nail Art Starts at $5

Gel Polish Manicure

Our Gel Polish Manicure uses the OPI Axxium Gel Polish of your choice. If you currently have gel polish on, there is a removal charge of $5.

  • Manicure Only $35
  • With Removal $40
  • French Manicure $40
  • French With Removal $45
  • Nail Art Starts at $5

Acrylic Manicure

  • Starts at$65
  • French Set Starts at$70
  • Fill Starts at$35
  • French Fill Start at$40


All include your choice of scented soak, Lalicious lotions, and scrubs.

Treat Your Feet

Our signature pedicure includes lotion and your choice of regular nail lacquer

  • $45

Satisfy Your Feet

A step up from our signature pedicure, includes lotion and scrub.

  • $50

Indulge Your Feet

Our ultimate pedicure experience includes lotion, scrub, and a paraffin dip.

  • $55